[SOLVED] Laptop only Boots if I Change the Amount of RAM

Feb 12, 2021
Im trying to repair a Dell Latitude e6540. It has Windows 10, 16gb RAM, Intel i7 (2.7ghz base) with a 1tb ssd.

When I try to boot it, the keyboard lights up and the fan turns on, but the screen is blank and it will not proceed to the dell logo

However, if I remove a RAM stick, then try to boot it, it gives me an alert saying "system memory has changed"
F1 to continue, F2 for setup, F5 for diagnostics.

If I press f1, it boots normally to windows. If I restart, it boots normally, but if I shut down and try to turn it on, blank screen again.

The same things happen if I add in the missing RAM Stick.

So basically, I know the RAM sticks function and the CMOS battery is fine, but the only way I can get the thing to boot is by changing the amount of RAM plugged in.

Any ideas why this is happening??