Question Laptop only boots once after reseating RAM


May 27, 2014
Hello everyone, I've searched on this forum for this problem but no fixes worked for me so far.

I was doing a maintenance to my sister's laptop like I do every 6-12 months, but this time after putting everything back together the pc stars for a split second then turns off, turns back on and boots normally, I can reboot no problem but after turning off and turning back on it just keeps getting into on and off loop, If I remove the ram(have tried other working rams) and put it back on it will do the same turns on for a second then off and back on booting normally.

I've tried clearing cmos, changing the cmos battery for a known working one, turning on with just ram installed, no keyboard, no mousepad or anything else, what else can i try? or is it just a faulty motherboard?

What doesn't make sense to me is how it can boot normally after reseating ram and only that?

The laptop is an old HP 1000.
Some systems do this during POST following an NVRAM reset, but why exactly I'm not sure. If it boots normally following that initial power off/power on, I don't think it's a bad board.

I also tried booting without ram installed and stays on with no image which could mean dead motherboard?
If it boots with RAM then it can't be dead. No RAM = no display is relatively normal behavior.