Question Laptop only connects to wifi from one room


Oct 11, 2018
Hey guys, here's a weird one. A friend of has an ASUS ROG (I don't remember the exact model) and her laptop has been through hell and back. As of recent, Windows 10 was reinstalled on her ROG laptop. She's been having trouble connecting to the internet with it though. I took a look at it and noticed a lot of other issues aside from wifi. Number 1 her wireless drivers hadn't been updated since 2016, other problems were various other drivers not pertaining to wifi. I installed new up to date wireless drivers, and for about an hour they worked wonderfully, until I restarted her laptop to fix other driver related problems, and then all of the sudden the laptop either just didn't want to show her local router, refused to connect to it, or crapped out after only a few minutes of connection. This perplexed me, so I checked on her router settings, everything seems fine. Device isn't blacklisted, being specifically throttled, and I even briefly turned off some firewall setting having to do with her internet connection to see if maybe it was a virus protection issue. None of those things worked. Oddly enough, however, moving the laptop to the same room as the router seems to work wonders, no connection issues, speedy connect to the network and overall, it just works, or at least so far, I'll update if it stops working. But it gets weirder, everything else can connect to the wifi from anywhere in the house, except for the laptop. And she tried using an external wireless adapter, but that didn't remedy the issue either. How is her laptop, and her laptop alone the only thing in the house that can ONLY connect to the wifi when it's in the same room as the router? This is absolutely baffling to me, am I missing something here?