Laptop only powering with weaker voltage charging cable.

Aug 21, 2019
Hello all,

So, I have an Alienware 17 R3 and basically I woke up one morning and it was crashed. After rebooting with or without its original charger it would boot then power off, just constant. I tried a weaker charger from a different laptop and that gets it up and running but it tells me it won't charge as well as it should due it being an incompatible charger. It works very sluggish when its powered on however, even when in max performance mode.

I bought a different charger off Amazon hoping that was it but it didn't work, so I figured it was the battery. I took it to a laptop store and they think it might actually be my motherboard... Loading games causes it to crash so I'm thinking they may be right. Basically if its the motherboard I doubt there is anything I can do. I'm slowly gathering the parts for a desktop build (this was supposed to last me til then 3-4 more months) but I think leaving it on the charger for too long did me in... This was for about a year, but a ton of gaming on it (me and 2 kids) which is why it made it that long, according to the tech I spoke to.

Anyway, I went on far too long. Do you guys think this is a battery or motherboard issue? I don't mind putting in the money to replace the battery but I'm not going to deal with a new motherboard I'd rather put it into my new build. Thanks in an advance for any advice.
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