Question Laptop physically damaged - what tests can I run to assume it still fully functioning?

Jan 8, 2019
So today I needed to take a bus, my laptop was inside a backpack designed for carrying laptops, however the bus I took was smaller than usual and the luggage was to be stored into a trailer attached to the back of a bus. I have put my bag into storage many times without issue but today when I removed it from the bag the bottom right corner has chipped plastic when the laptop is open, so does the lid of the laptop in the same spot. The plastic holding the screen together had also come apart in the same corner (top right when laptop is open). That bit of plastic is usually clipped together so I forced it back in and the clips clicked together to confirm its back into its original shape. The bottom of the laptop, underneath the DVD drive, has a release button which you use to remove the DVD drive altogether (you have to unscrew the bottom as well), and this latch had also become loose and nearly fell out, I again managed to pop it back into place. So the remaining visible damage is the chipped plastic on the bottom right of the open laptop underneath the keyboard, and another chip to the plastic on the same area on the lid when its closed.

I am currently using the laptop to post this forum. The speakers and bluetooth appear to be working.

The laptop is a Lenovo V330 15-IKB

Is there any tests I can run with CMD, online etc. that can help determine the health of the laptop?

Many thanks