Question Laptop plugged in, not charging

Apr 9, 2019
My cousin has a Dell Inspiron 11 3168, he asked me a couple weeks ago if I could look at his pc bc it kept saying "plugged in, not charging" and asked me if I could take a look. He brought it over and I looked at everything, tried some tips in reinstalling battery controller and everything related to it, nothing worked, so I bought a certified battery, worked for awhile and charged it completely so I thought it could've been a bad battery bc I had that same problem in the past and replacing it worked, but sadly it not. I tried a different AC charger, possibly thinking his shorted out bc it says "AC adapter not identified" tried 3 of them, one new, one from my own pc that plugs into his, and another from a neighbor, still no luck, could it possibly be the DC power jack in the laptop? While I exchanged the battery, I seen it could be replaced easily by loosening the screw and unplugging the connector, thus making it replaceable.


If you got a cheap battery, then it could simply be that the new battery you got is bad. They have a high failure rate. Last few I got had maybe a few months of use before they died.

The different charger you tried, was it a Dell charger made for that model? Really could be a few things, but most likely thing is the battery.