Question Laptop power brick too hot ?

Not too knowledgeable on laptops. My son wanted one so he could take it to his friend's sometimes to game on.

The power brick gets way too hot for my liking. Literally can't pick it up, too hot to touch. It's THAT hot.

Is this normal? Here is a pic of the brick. The laptop is a Gigabyte, but the power brick is a "Lite-On" brand, is that normal ?

The laptop has a 3060 GPU in it.

Gigabyte G5
12th gen i5
16Gb ram
500Gb SSD

Also, if necessary, is it possible to buy a replacement that won't get as hot (an over-wattage one for example) ?

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The URL for your image shows Image Not Found. Please reparse the URL for the image. Since I'm here, did the adapter come with the laptop? Google image search shows that the laptop should come with a Chicony unit however I've also come to appreciate that Gigabyte can and will source from other vendors/OEM's if there's favorable stock or pricing to be taken advantage of. For the sake of relevance, please add the SKU to your Gigabyte G5 laptop.