Question Laptop power issues?


Apr 24, 2015
Hey there, folks. I'm out of town visiting family and I've been experiencing issues with my MSI GT70 2PC restarting when loading into a game. Browsing the net has led me to believe (and hope) that the issue lies with power issues. I've been wondering though if the problem could actually stem from a low-voltage issue with the electrical outlet itself rather than my power brick. My question is, is it possible that the outlet could be problematic and outputting low voltage? It was fine a month ago, and the laptop behaved fine at home only a night before. I'm really hoping that the outlet is faulty, that way I don't need to buy another power brick. I was seeing similar behavior a few years ago with GTA V, though the problem resolved itself after I changed the processor min/max values in the power plan settings. I tried that again, this time setting the values lower, though to no avail this time around. I used OCCT's PSU test, and sure enough the laptop restarted as it does when playing a game.

Edit: It would seem that the game runs for a longer period when in 1280x720 in windowed mode. Plus, it would seem as if my power brick has died, as it isn't charging the laptop nor is the green LED lit on the brick signifying power. So, I'm assuming that my power brick is my issue. I'll try tomorrow plugging it into another outlet in the house (this lost recent was performed with the laptop plugged into a different outlet than in the original post).
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