Question Laptop power suppy or delivery/ motherboard/ camera glitches issue (while charging)


Sep 24, 2013
Hello fellow electronic enthusiasts, I am not sure which topic this question suits best as it could be related to different laptop components, or general electronic issue, but I will try it here.

So my laptop (an upgraded Acer Aspire A515-52G) has recently developed this issue where during charging various weird things happen:

  • The one affecting me the most is the camera glitching, where horizontal lines, green frames and camera jumps appear approximately once every second. (when the laptop is unplugged from the charger this issue completely disappears and the camera is perfectly stable)
  • I have just noticed that there is a substantial coil whine during charging that I don't remember having previously.
  • The aluminium lid of my laptop has some static electricity during charging, if I run my fingerstips across the lid gently it feels like a rough bumpy surface, whereas when unplugged it feels soft and smooth to glide fingers across.
  • The last point might be a placebo but it seems like my already limited gaming performance might have further dropped and that temperatures are slightly higher. This is not easy to test as I don't have any old statistics of my laptop.
The laptop has worked fine during the first year of use and has not had any of these issues.
Back in the day I upgraded some components at the official Acer service on my trip in Malaysia. Changed the TN panel to IPS, went from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and added an SSD tray together with a 500GB samsung 860 evo on top.

At some point I also carefully replaced the thermal paste to conductonaut liquid metal, made sure to isolate all resistors, capacitors and bare copper pads around the dye with a layer of nail polish which gave me a 20C improvement.
I can't imagine that this could have ever posed an issue, as I gave my best to ensure it was done correctly and nothing could go wrong.

What I could imagine creating the issue is that the laptop was continously plugged into the outlet for over a year, as I used it more as a desktop than a portable device. I could imagine that the components weren't designed for continuous long term charging and might have failed?

What I tried:
  • Updated BIOS
  • Cleaned all dust and debree from the inside
  • Bought a new (same voltage, higher wattage) charger
  • Completely formatted the laptop using the windows reset pc function to ensure it is not a windows or driver issue
It has not fixed the issue, so I came to the conclusion it must be hardware related.

If anyone has an idea on what could be causing it or if its a common issue with a common component that failed I would love to hear.
I wouldn't mind giving a try at replacing components, albeit my horrible amateurish soldering skills I could swap out simple components, as I can follow some simple basics having an electro energetics education.

Thanks for any input! Every idea is welcome! :)