laptop problem


Feb 6, 2002
I've been trying to get the wireless broadband to work on a laptop in my house and after having a little fiddle i turned off the laptop, next time i turned it on it wouldn't load, it sometimes goes to the microsoft windows xp loads screen and the blue bar will just load (scroll) on and on. or sometimes it says there was a problem and gives me the option to start normally, start in the last known good condition or any of 3 safe modes, none of these option load. can anyone help?


Dec 31, 2007
If you disable (remove?) the wireless in the laptop does it boot up again? If so then it's probably the drivers. Remove the wireless drivers from the system and reinstall with the latest and greatest.

And if not, well, who knows. **shrug** Try booting to the console (recovery CD if you can't do it from the safe mode options) and run chkdsk /f /r or some such.

I actually had this recently happen with my wife's laptop. New drivers fixed it in the end, but I ran it through disk diagnosis tools anyway because I don't like it when things get corrupted for no good reason.