Laptop problems


Jan 13, 2013
Hi. I'm new to these forums so if I break any rules, I'm sorry.
So, the problem I'm having is that when i play League of Legends, or really any game, sometimes even surfing the web or FB games. My pc seem to either
1. Lag out and I have either tab out then back in or restart the internet
2. When playing games, it will freeze up for 1-2 seconds and I get a significant fps drop ( 10-20 fps drop ).
3. Again when playing games, mostly LoL, it will freeze up completely and I have to restart my pc
I have a Toshiba Tecra M5.
GPU: Nvidia Quadro NVS 110m ( I have the latest drivers installed )
CPU: Genuine Intel(R) T2500 CPU 2.00 ( 2 CPUs )
RAM: 4Gigs ( Only shows 3.25? )
iOS: Windows XP SP3
Please help me as I can not just buy a new PC as I got it Christmas.
The 1-2 seconds stop is a HDD saving Energy feature by Windows.
You need to go to Control Panel, Energy options, and in advance options look for Energy saving on HDD. i Belive it has a certain ammount of minutes before it goes IDLE. Set this to 0.

THe FPS drop is probably related to your HDD problem, so once thats fixed, the other problem should be fixed as well. If not, ask again.