Laptop Processor Upgrade


Oct 12, 2011
Hi everyone!
I have a toshiba l455-s5975 laptop. It is currently running with a celeron 900 processor @ 2.2ghz. I was wondering which processors i can upgrade to. i know about the socket types etc, but i was wondering more about the bios, and if that plays a major role in the upgrades.
Here are two processors that people said they have put into this laptop
Here's the laptop:
Will i notice a difference in the two? Are there are any other ones i should keep in mind? And will i notice a difference between the current celeron and a dual core? Thanks everyone
The dual core will run some applications faster, but also run warmer. These cpus rarely come with a heatsink. If the system freezes up after installing one of those cpus, I would change to a better heatsink. You'll have to do some research to find one that fits your motherboard. Can't help you there. You'll also void any warranty. I personally wouldn't do it. With black friday just days away, you should find a good dual core laptop for $600 or less. Unless you can do the upgrade for $100 or less, better to sell your old laptop in tact and start over.

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