Question Laptop Ram Upgrade Questions


Jan 26, 2011
Hello all!

I recently acquired a free laptop - toshiba satellite l7660-s5130 / It has a AMD A8-3520m and 6gb of DDR3 1333. I just installed a new MX-500 ssd in it and that really sped it up. I just have a few more questions...

I do not use this for anything intensive... maybe play some older games on it / Office / Movies / Web Browsing

  1. I know that the AMD apus like ram speed, will I see any performance increase by going to 1600mhz ram?
  2. Can I even change the RAM speed on a Toshiba laptop? the bios options are very limited
  3. I currently have 6gb of ram one 4gb stick and one 2gb stick... will matching 4gb sticks make a performance impact.
  4. I think this laptop maxes out at 8GB? Can i put more in it?

Thanks for the help!


Sep 18, 2013
1. Absolutely not. a 1333 to 1600 mhz is completely negligible during real world testing. In benchmarks you might see a slight difference but that's it.

2. Laptop memory speeds can be extremely finicky as they differ from manufacturers to each laptop model designs. Unless you're doing any intense rendering or cpu intensive tasks such as encoding/compiling huge amounts, you really don't need to worry about memory as long as its more than 4gigs. 8 these days and 16 to be future proof for another couple years.

3. It's the best assurance to have matching memory modules of exact size and speed and by the same manufacturer to prevent strange errors from occurring. Memory is still sensitive as of 2019 and people always think they can mix and match them all the time, which is a big no no.

4. If the limit is 8, the max is 8. If it can go 16 you can go 16 check the specs to be absolutely sure. Good luck!
I need a bit of advice regarding my laptop RAM upgrade.
I own:
Since it has only 8GB of RAM I would like to upgrade to 16, the question is what RAM stick would be compatible with this laptop?
I was thinking of this one:
Please, advice so I don't waste my money.

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You'll probably find 1333 to 1600 won't yield a massive difference, the RAM speeds with AMD become more important in DDR4 tech and Ryzen chips, less so DDR3 from my experience.

When it comes to mixing RAM modules, there is no guarantee for it to work, so new modules are always best practice.

You can use the crucial memory support list for a good indicator as to what your laptop can handle.