Question Laptop randomly powers-off multiple times a day (as if someone pulled out the battery)


Jan 8, 2017
This issue has been really frustrating me for a while now. My laptop randomly looses power, tries to reboot - fails, then boots again. It does not BSOD, no freezes, nothing, it simply looses power as if someone pulled the battery out. And, yes, it does do this irrespective of if its on mains power or battery.

Iv'e managed to have logging software running a few times when its crashed, and there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, voltages are fine, temperatures are.. high, but nothing unexpected for the hardware.

Looking through the event log, windows simply records the power off as an 'unexpected shutdown'. However, something of interesting note is that prior to every single power off, there is the following error :
ID: 36871
Source: schannel:
A fatal error occurred while creating a TLS client credential. The internal error state is 10013.
The SSPI client process is svchost (PID: 17128).

This is the absolute last event recorded every single time the system powers off, the next event is a kernel event stating he system power on time.

I can't quite work out if there may be either a hardware issue causing the random power loss (given that the laptop generally fails to power off on the first attempt after the crash), or something software related - I'm surprised its rebooting following the crash, which to me indicates there could be a BIOS issue.
I have recently upgraded the laptop to windows 11, and one area of suspicion - given the error before the crash appears to relate to security events - is something strange going on with the TPM chip or how the BIOS is handling the TMP requests from windows.
Iv'e also considered if the RAM or boot drive is causing an error, but the windows memory test (couldn't be bothered to run memtest86 as windows has a built in memory tester now) comes back with no errors for the RAM, and despite being 4 years old now, the boot drive is still in very good condition (87% SMART health).
I've also tried limiting the power of the CPU and GPU (right down to 15W on the CPU) to see if it could be a PSU issue, but the system still powered off about half an hour later.
I've reseated the RAM, checked the battery, checked traces on the motherboard for signs of shorts, checked over the VRMs, there is absolutely no sign of anything at all being wrong.

I can also guarantee that, following the initial power-on each day, about 10 minutes later the system will crash, this is entirely predictable and happens pretty much every single day (with some variance in the time). Other times when the system powers-off it can occur as little as a few minutes after recovering from a previous power-loss, to a few hours. Yesterday I had 4 power-offs in the space of 20 minutes, one happening just after getting to the lock screen.

There is no traceable cause in terms of software or anything ,it is completely at random. I can be doing a really power hungry workload and have it crash, or simply be watching youtube and have a crash. there is no consistency.

System specs:
CPU: i7 8850H
GPU: GTX 1070
RAM: 16GB corsair vengeance
STORAGE: WD Black 256GB NVME (boot), Crucial BX500 2TB (mass storage)
The laptop is custom, basedo n the clevo PA71ES-G
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Jan 8, 2017
I have recently upgraded the laptop to windows 11
Did you perform an internal upgrade or did you reinstall the OS after a format?

My laptop
Make and model of your laptop? BIOS version for said laptop?
Simply an upgrade, I didn't have any issues during that process.
The laptop is custom from pcspecialist, but is based on the clevo PA71ES-G and running the latest bios I'm aware of.