Question Laptop randomly shuts off while gaming.

Jun 14, 2020
Aorus X7V7 Laptop
Intel i7 7820HK w/ -.1V undervolt (stable for years)
Nvidia GTX 1070
Windows 10 Home version 1909

I've had my laptop for three years and recently it has started powering off randomly while gaming. It's inconsistent and sometimes doesn't happen for hours or days at a time, and other times it will shut off after a few minutes of gaming. It has only happened while gaming, initially under heavy load, but more recently also playing lightweight games.

BIOS and drivers are all up to date.

I noticed the light on the power brick also turns off when the laptop turns off. When I unplug and plug the power source back into the power brick the light turns back on. No issues with the power brick outside of this.

I thought it could be a power issue so I tried a new surge protector strip and power outlet and it still shuts off. Tried going back to stock CPU voltage, no luck.

I thought it could be an overheating issue. The CPU has always run hot under heavy load (mid to high 80s C), but never to the point of thermal throttling. I set a more aggressive fan curve and it still shuts off. The stock thermal paste was three years old so I decided to repaste both CPU and GPU with Noctua NT-H1 and very thoroughly dust the fans and heatsink, Afterwards I monitored my temps while gaming for about an hour and my average and peak temps were down 4-5C which I was happy with. The shutdowns have continued to happen, even while playing lightweight games where my CPU/GPU are only around 60C.

I'm not really sure what where to go next. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm hoping to diagnose this because my laptop is no longer under warranty and also because of the random nature of the shutdown I'm not sure it'll get solved if I send it in.

Thanks in advanced.