Question Laptop randomly shutting down and not turning back on for 5 min (temperatures below 60-70ºC)

Jul 19, 2020
Hello all,
I purchased a Helios 300 almost 2 years ago and it's been working fine up until now. Ever since a few weeks ago, it will shut down at random times of the day for no apparent reason. It usually happens when I'm using the computer for something very memory intensive, such as playing a modern game, but the temperature almost always stays below 70ºC and this has happened even while the PC was idling. The battery is also always fully charged, and this problem happens even when it's running on battery with the charger unplugged.

When it shuts down, it's not just a regular shutdown. It will also not turn on for 5 minutes (sometimes less). When I attempt to turn it on, nothing will light up and it will automatically turn itself back off after a few seconds. 5 or so minutes later, when I try to turn it back on, the following sequence will happen: the computer and keyboard (but not monitor) will turn on, then it will turn itself off, then it will by itself turn back on (keyboard lights also), then it will turn itself off again, and then it will finally turn itself on for good (keyboard, monitor, everything). It's a very strange sequence of events and it happens with no input of my own, almost like it's trying to turn itself on but can't.

This may happen once a couple of days, or multiple times a day. I've tried the following:
  • repasting it
  • draining the battery
  • adding electrical tape to the interlock switch so it's always pressed (though from what I've seen, there is no switch where it apparently should be)
  • running CPU/GPU stress tests to see if it causes it to shutdown (does not but maybe I didn't run them for long enough)
  • updating the BIOS
I've finally run out of ideas. Any tips? Please don't suggest sending it back for repairs as the only repair centre around me isn't working due to the lockdown. Thanks!