Question Laptop randomly turns off, needs to be plugged back in for it to turn on?

Oct 28, 2020

For the last week I have been experiencing very bizarre issues with my ASUS ROG G751JY.

One night last week I was gaming and the laptop shut down immediately. I could no longer power on the laptop by itself with just the battery, nor could I game anymore when its just dependent on the adapter. The laptop stopped recognizing the battery, although it would state it was fully charged, but the moment I would try to run a game, the laptop would reach a certain point and turn off immediately, simultaneously a loud click can be heard every time the laptop shuts down on its own.

I thought maybe the battery was the issue, but I have now tried two new batteries and the issue persists. The oddest thing being, when I attached the new batteries I can game and operate just fine for a couple of hours, on and off the charger, then the problems would come back and eventually even with new batteries at max charge I cannot power on the laptop with those batteries anymore. I am extremely confused and am wondering if the MOBO connector for the battery is damaged?

One thing I did notice both times when using the new batteries, the laptop will begin to fail to recognize the AC charger is connected to the PC more and more after prolonged use (The screen brightness would dim when it thinks the adapter is disconnected and then light up when its reconnected and the AC power connector that goes into the laptop is hot) and then eventually will stop being able to depend on the battery, then I have to use the AC only to power it on anymore.

Without gaming, the laptop is still susceptible to shutting off randomly while fully dependent on the AC charger, although very infrequently, and will take a minute or longer before I can attempt to turn it back on. Temperature has not shown itself as a factor. I have woken up and attempted to turn on the laptop at the start of the day, and before I can even reach my Desktop the laptop will shut off without warning while making the clicking sound.

I began to think that maybe the AC is not getting enough voltage anymore? But earlier when I first installed my 2nd new battery, it worked okay for about an actual minute (The battery was at 64% according to the desktop, not connected to the AC at all), then it shut down immediately. I immediately tried to turn it back on without the AC, but it took a moment before I could power it back on while just being dependent on the battery.

I am at a complete loss and I do not know what to do. I would like to attempt getting another AC adapter to see if it a culprit, but I do not know how to test what is exactly the issue and would rather not continue spending money on peripherals and waiting for them to arrive only for it to not help.

I have had this laptop for four years with 0 issues like this before, but now it is becoming nearly inoperable.

Any and all help is appreciated
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