laptop repair or upgrade? No option to buy a laptop.

Dec 19, 2021
My laptop is dell inspiron i5 5567 7th generation 1TB HDD 8 GB RAM laptop.I purchased this 4 years ago for university.

Currently the problems in laptop are-:
1) 100% disk usage and laptop kind of freezes, when I click nth happens, when I try to scroll, nth happens, no reaction by laptop.

2) Even without 100% disk usage same thing happens.

What I tried-:
Every method for fixing 100% disk usage. I haven't left a single tutorial or forum qna. That is how far I have gone really. I am yet to format and install windows though.

Q1) Any advice on that?

What I am planning to do-:

1) Upgrade SSD 2.5'' sata ssd is what I support in laptop..256 GB. My harddisk is 500 GB full.

2) Upgrade 8 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM by adding another 8 GB RAM.

But is this really necessary at all? Can this problem be fixed by repairing in workshop?

Any way to repair this? You have idea to fix this freezing?

I have no option to buy a laptop as my family don't have 1200$ currently to buy a laptop. It is a possibility only after 2+ years really.

Workload-: Simply reading pdf. I need to open 30-40 tabs at once. That is why I am thinking of adding RAM. As well as I stream myself(cams on) on discord server for motivation. So you can imagine my RAM usage.

I will definitly need this laptop to learn programming as well. But it is all basic programming learning like web development mostly not advanced. So I don't need hi-fi laptops.

IWTL if I should upgrade(and if upgrading helps or not), or just repair myself? I won't go to shop to repair as my family won't allow me to do it. So tell me some tutorials to repair if(software part not hardware).
Hey there,

No, there is no real way to improve performance without making some hardware changes.

Yes, I would advise exactly as you've suggested. Get another stick of ram, and a fast SSD for you boot drive. They are so cheap now, you should just get a 1-2tb ssd remove the HDD completely.

Your laptop will then be much more snappy, games will load faster, and the ram will help with game stuttering.
A ssd upgrade is the most effective performance upgrade you can make.
You will be amazed at how much difference it makes.
The simple way is to plan on using the samsung ssd migration app.
You can download the app and instructions here:
You will need a ssd large enough to hold the used contents of the HDD
A 1tb samsung 870 ssd is about $110.
You will also need a usb to sata adapter cable like this:
You run the app to make a copy of your C drive and all of the windows components to the ssd.
This may take a couple of hours.
When done, replace the HDD with the new ssd.
Here is one video of the process:

Keep the original HDD which will be unchanged.
At the same time, you could add a compatible 8gb ram.
Crucial has a compatibility app with several options: