Question Laptop Screen Blinking?

Jan 16, 2021
Hey, folks. I've been looking for a solution to this for a couple of months, but to no avail. Hoping somebody here can help.

I have about a 2 year old Cyberpower Tracer III laptop. Recently, I've noticed that, if the brightness is above a certain level (about 12/100, normally), the screen starts blinking on and off. At a level 13 brightness, it's a slow blink, faster at 14, and at 15 and above, it's pretty consistently fast. It may be useful to know that the screen doesn't really appear to get any brighter. When I'm doing something more intense, like playing a game, I have to drop the brightness pretty much completely in order to avoid screen blinking. It's poo.

Anyway, the variability of this only happens in Windows. If I reboot, the system is consistently blinking. If I'm in BIOS, it blinks. I'm assuming that the variability of this suggests that it's some kind of a non-hardware issue, but of course, I have no idea. I have updated by drivers, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my display drivers and monitor. I have tried changing my refresh rates, resolution, all kinds of bobs and doodles. No change.

Oh, and... the problem does not happen if I output via HDMI to another display. So... display, right, and not GPU?

Anyway, I should say that this problem sort of corelated with my installing some unofficially recommended software (called Gamingcenter) in order to make use of the RGB keyboard. The included software (MyApp/ MyColor 2) did not allow for this, but Gamingcenter controls some other things, like the fans. I tried uninstalling Gamingcenter and lost the ability to stop the blinking by lowering the brightness. It just blinked constantly.

Thanks for reading all that, to those who made it through. Any suggestions?