Question Laptop screen flicker ?

Oct 10, 2021
So as the title says, my 2yo Dell G7 laptop with i7-7700 has been having this screen flicker, that's "duplicating" the top at the bottom of the screen (at the place of taskbar) and the items at the top of the screen appear like "ghosts" like faded but flashing the whole time, for about a year now. I tried reinstallation of OS, clean installation of display drivers, tons of scans from CMD, BIOS, nothing can find an issue with the screen or graphics card. I found the issue by going to device manager > display adapters and when I disable Intel UHD Graphics Driver the issue is gone but then my screen is locked to 60hz and Im unable to watch vids or play games because of low fps.

I cant change the refresh rate when its 144hz either so my laptop is either locked in 144 or 60hz. I dont think the issue is hardware because when I play games or watch videos on fullscreen the issue is never present. I found another person with the same problem but no solution found...Take a look this is how my issue is presented as well.


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Is this really a software or a hardware issue?