Question Laptop screen suddenly turned off and HDMI only works on safe mode

Jul 6, 2020
I need help, it urgent cuz i got online class on my college within 2 weeks. and I'm broke af.

so i was using my laptop a week ago and suddenly my screen suddenly turned off but about 4 minutes later it turned on and for about 2 minutes its off again. and it happened till now, sometimes when booting up there's no display on the screen, sometimes i had to knock the laptop or pressing fn+f7 to make it turn on but sometimes later it will shut off again (but the laptop still running).

i thought it was overheating issues but when i tried to use the HDMI on my TV, it's only working on Safe Mode(made it to the desktop), while normal mode didn't worked at all, the TV shown no signal after Windows 7 Booting Animation. I've read some thread it was possible due to graphic card driver need to be updated? is it true?

there's also a notification every time i booted up the game, since the first time i played Valorant. they say i need to update my Nvidia driver. I remember about some months before I've updated my Nvidia driver to the newest one, but it said i had the old version which i had before updating? is there anything wrong with it that could be leading to sudden black screen without screen turn on?

all helps appreciated. thx