Question Laptop Screen Won't Turn On

Aug 31, 2020
Hello everyone,

My Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Gaming Laptop screen has been acting very strangely lately. Upon shutting down or restarting and turning the computer back on, the screen very rarely turns back on. However, the actual computer still functions normally as I can plug (using an HDMI cable) it into any TV and it will display the screen just fine on there (but the laptop screen never turns on even after flipping between mirror screen, single screen, etc).

So this, I believe, rules out any video card issues (there is a built-in Intel card and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GD DR5). The strange part is that eventually (meaning usually at least a few hours) the laptop screen will turn back on if you leave the computer on and don't touch it. But, the screen is never "normal" upon it first turning back on. Referencing the two attached pictures, there is usually some sort of rectangular glow around the border of the screen. In one picture, you can see a faint glow of a rectangle outline marked by the red arrows. In the other, there is a very clear rectangle glowing around the border (and no, I promise that is not a horrible Photoshop effect, though I did blur some file names for privacy). But!

Again, eventually those bizarre rectangles will fade away and the screen will go back to normal after a few hours. Then, once the screen has turned on and the rectangles have disappeared, the computer and screen operate totally normally for as long as the computer is left on. So far the screen has never turned back off without being told to do so.

If the screen is closed and turns off (even if the computer is still on), it will remain off and the cycle begins again from square one. There have been no artifacts on the screen and the screen does not flicker or behave differently if the screen is moved or bent slightly. There are no dead pixels from what I can tell. Even when the rectangles are glowing on the screen, everything still works and they essentially act just like a stationary layer on top of the rest of the screen. I haven't been able to boot into any of the diagnostic tools since the screen never turns on, even after pressing the buttons on startup (these screens won't display on a TV).

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before, heard about it, know what's causing this, or know of a solution? I have no idea what could be causing this since the screen will eventually return to normal and never turn off unexpectedly. I have a few theories but I would like to hear what you think before I bias any opinions. If you have any questions before you can give an answer I'm happy to try my best to answer them. Thanks so much!

Can view photos here (sorry, I'm just trying to cover as wide an audience as I can):