Question Laptop screen won't wake after sleep

May 29, 2020
Hi all,

Been ignoring this problem for a while and finally getting fed up enough to try to fix it.

Acer Spin 15 SP513-52N
i5-8250U / 8GB / 256GB
Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Problem is this, as far as I can tell this only happens when connected to charger:
After x minutes, the screen goes black (as it should per power settings)
Occasionally, when I return and hit a key to wake the screen, it will not. No combination of keys will wake the screen and I need to do a hard reboot. The PC often feels quite hot when it's in this state - maybe some process hangs when this happens?

According to the installed Acer app, all drivers are up to date however Acer also does not do a good job keeping them current. I can go to Intel's site and see newer drivers for things like wireless card than Acer says are available.

I've tried looking at the Windows Reliability Monitor after this happens, but the only critical error shown is the one saying "Windows was not properly shutdown" from my hard reboot. I'm not familiar enough with Event Viewer to decipher anything that might be helpful there.

If needed I'll do a clean re-install of Windows but hate to do that if I can avoid it.

Thanks in advance!