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Sep 25, 2006
Hi all

My laptop screen has stopped working. When its switched on, it does appear to light up, ( well the dark screen gets brighter!) and I can see a faint trapeziod image. When I waggle the screen upand down, I sometimes get broad vertical white lines, and occ a few thin coloured linesd as well. I have tried to remove the connector to the Mobo, and e=when its partially removed the screen sometimes goes very white, and sometimes I get lots of white vertical lines of varying thickness. Plugging the connector in again, screen goes darker. I have tried an external monitor, and that works fine, however, BIOS says the CMOS battery is low. Also the AC powwer supply has stopped working, so Im ruinning off battery,which is very low. Would a very low poer supply cause this. I am thinking more of the inverter or cable itself. Laptop is a satellite A10 Pro.

Thanks Guys.


Dec 7, 2006
Does an external monitor work when connected to the laptop?
If it does, I would suggest getting an LCD replacement depending on how much it would be. I have replaced LCD screens in laptops and it's not that hard to do.


I think it's your LCD panel that is dying on you.

To verify I would replace the CMOS battery and borrow an AC adaptor if possible. I'm wondering if the CMOS battery can be easily replaced by the user.

I doubt a battery with low power is the cause of your LCD pnael problems because I kept my ThinkPad on until the battery was completely drained on purpose and it simply shutdown.

Depending on the age of the laptop, you may want to consider buying a new laptop because the LCD panel is usually the most expensive component. If your laptop is still under warrenty then get it repaired.

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