Question Laptop SHUT DOWNS every 30-minutes!?

Apr 4, 2020
Hello to everyone reading this and I hope you'll help me with this problem!!!

I have an ASUS X501A1 Laptop that's running on Windows 7 and the problem is that every 30 minutes, it shut downs like it's removed from power supply (I mean completely).

I have checked for viruses and there are NONE!
I have checked for any shutdown timer on CMD and there is no timer!
I have left the laptop run on BIOS Setup and still shut downs in 30 minutes!
THE STRANGE THING is that when I put the laptop on sleep and then I turn it on again, it's like it "resets" the timer.

I don't want to take risks because I have data on it, but I'm really looking forward to maybe reset the bios to default settings or update it to see if it fixes.

Do you guys have any clue about this problem!?