Question laptop shuts down after awake from sleep


Aug 6, 2010
Asus g75v computer that is at least six or seven years old. Late last year I had a problem where I needed a new battery and a new power pack. I thought I resolved that issue. However over the weekend I brought up the computer from sleep and as it was coming to life it died as if somebody pulled the plug. I tried turning it on multiple times but it did not turn on and I tried combinations of unplugging it and taking the battery out and finally what work is I took the battery out and plugged it in and then it worked. For the record the machine is always plugged in. And this morning I opened it up and it came back from sleep and it was sitting there for a few minutes while i stepped away and then when I started to use it it died again. I took out the battery and unplugged the cord and plug the cord in and it started fine and then I put the battery in and everything is fine now and the battery shows a full charge. But what is going on here. Otherwise the computer is fantastic and I spent a fortune years ago to have a future-proof machine. :) really dont want to buy a new one. theres nothing obvious in event viewer.