Question Laptop shuts down on launching games / handbrake ?

Feb 10, 2021
Hello. My laptop is seven years old. It keeps shutting down when I launch video games (a few seconds on moderate games and it shuts down) or start handbrake on a video with 10kbps+. I took it to the shop and they cleaned the fan. I gave them thermal paste recommended by someone named Arctic MX-4 and they applied it. This did not solve the problem. Though, the laptop temperature dropped. The guy at the shop said that the GPU may be defective. Though, he is not sure

I have removed the GPU drivers and used handbrake with the 10kbps video. The temp for the CPU reached 95 and even 97. Though, the CPU throttled and kept encoding the video until it finished (no shutdowns at all).

What do I need to check next? I am thinking maybe the charger is old that it does not provide enough power that when I launch games, the GPU demands more power than it can provide so the laptop shuts down? Keep in mind that I took the charger to another shop and they measured the output and said it was okay. I am at a loss.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and thanks.

P.S. My DVD drive keeps ejecting on its own from time to time. I do not know if this is worth mentioning or not. It has been dead for ages.