Question Laptop shuts down when installing Windows 10. Why?

Apr 4, 2020
Hey Guys!

Now I know that this question was asked many times in many different
versions, but I feel like mine is more exotic, I also just have not found an answer to my

Now I have an old HP laptop, which has slowed down significantly, so I wanted to clean it all up and install Windows 10
(before it had Windows 7 pre-installed).

I took an USB and put Windows 10 through the media creatoion tool on it. Then I started the laptop up and chose to boot up through USB. So far so good, I chose my Windows version and clicked on custom settings, as I wanted to format my Hard drive so everything is gone and have a fresh start. Thing is, while the partition was formatting, the laptop shut down.

I tried to restart the laptop but with no success, sometimes it shut down directly after some seconds after pressing the power on button, sometimes I got as far as the windows tool trying to install the system. but then again, while checking the files the laptop shut down. I let it cool down a bit outside, as the usb got very hot.

After some time I tried it again and came again as far as before but came to about 70 % while checking (the second point which the setup had to complete.) Right now the laptop shuts down when starting or during the installation I have no clue what the problem is.
Maybe it is overheating, as the fan is not working anymore, a message tells me that most of the time when starting it. But I was outside and it was cool so the laptop did not heat up as much as other times.

Now I don´t know if the hard drive is roasted because of the shut down while the formatting process or if something different is making these problems.

I hope someone can help me out on this one.