Question laptop shuts down when unplugged?

Aug 17, 2020
Hi, my laptop is working for almost about 3 years without battery. so i tried to change battery cell and board. the old board was dead (you can see old and new one in pictures). now the windows 10 OS recognize the battery and it's capacity. but it will shutdown when unplugged. i changed the battery cells to new ones. but the capacities are 30% less. so windows just shows 60% charge of battery.

old battery cell capacity : 3000mah
new battery cell capacity : 2100mah


another solution i tried was to check the output from connectors on board where the voltage goes for laptop board with Multimeter, the output voltage is 0 ,but output voltage from wires are 15V which is ok. i saw some videos on Youtube and some blogs about how to measuring the output of battery in the correct way , so maybe my testing was completely wrong.

also there are some videos about how to reset BMS like this one. i didn't tried this, cause i afraid of losing the board.
Reseting BMS
or this one
Start Jump Battery

is it possible to jump start the battery by giving a short circuit from positive wire to positive output or wise a versa , like above videos???

any suggestion? ( Except buying new one, it's too expensive :) )
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