Question Laptop shuts off when power cord is removed, all settings are correct and no hardware issues ?

Nov 20, 2022
Hello Everyone!
It's my first time posting on this forum. I need some help regarding an issue I am facing.

I have a Dell Vostro 14 3468. Most of the time it works fine with no issues but sometimes when I connect charger, the battery stops charging. For instance if battery was at 35% when this error/issue takes place, the battery remains there and does not charge further. The %age I mentioned is an example here. It happens at any %age of battery. Also, when this issue happens, if I remove the charger, the laptop dies immediately as if there was no battery inside but in reality it has sufficient charge. Also, when this issue happens, I am unable to type two keys at the same time. For instance I will not be able to type double "f". If I had typed a letter once, I will not be able to type it again without typing a different one first. This goes for all the keys on the keypad.

However, if I connect an external keyboard, I am able to type double letters. The laptop works fine on battery power. I usually hibernate the laptop, charge it to full and then use it. I cant really use my laptop while it is on charging. Also, I have noticed some other things. Normally, when I hibernate or put my laptop to sleep when it is not encountering any issues, fans turn off after some time and I am unable to hear hard disk after a minute or so but when this issue happens, I usually put my laptop to hibernate to save my data but the fans keep working even if the laptop is hibernated and giving out warm air from outlet (this I know because the next time I switch it on, the laptop is in the same state in which I hibernated it) until I unplug the charger. As soon as I unplug the charger the fans turn off, which I do after giving it ample time to hibernate (3 to 4 minutes) because there is no other way to know if the laptop has hibernated yet as fans don't turn off themselves. Also, when this issue happens, on my very next restart, the power light keeps blinking constantly for whatever time I use my laptop afterwards.

I have tried the following fixes already:
  • Someone advised me to change the battery which I did but the issue was not solved.
  • Another person advised me to change the charger but that didn't help too.
  • I reinstalled windows using "reset this pc" from settings but the issue remains there.
  • I took my laptop to a professional who checked the components and said that the hardware was working fine
The specifications of my laptop are:
  • Intel core i7 7500U
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Intel HD graphics 620
I will be really thankful if someone who knows about this problem can guide me.
Best Regards