Question Laptop shutting down unexpectedly but I don't think it's overheating

Oct 1, 2020
So my battery died a few days ago and I've been running my laptop just using plugged in charger. I don't know if it's related to the issue at hand but since then my laptop have been shutting down randomly without warning (no blue screen).

The thing is the shutdowns are really random. Sometimes I can use it under heavy load for a while but other times it'll shut down after just a few minutes. This usually happened when I'm using resource heavy programs like video games, Zoom, or anything that involves a webcam. If I'm just using it for browsing or YouTube the laptop can stay on for hours on end.

I thought it was overheating at first but whenever I check the bottom of the laptop it's rarely hot. The fan wasn't exactly working hard either whenever it shut down. It's just really random. Other people that I've asked said that this happened to them too when their battery first died fully yet the problem usually returned after a while even when they replaced the battery and the charger.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to mention the make and model of your laptop. Check and see what BIOS version you're currently on and if you have BIOS updates pending. You can then look towards uninstalling and reinstalling the apps that you say are causing the issue. I'd start with trying to reinstall the webcam drivers then reinstall Zoom and all the other app's that you use the webcam with.

Version for Windows 10?