Laptop slow, battery not charging


Jan 16, 2009

I have a Dell D630 rinning Windows 7. Recently my power indicator has started saying 'plugged in, not charging' and when I boot the computer I get a message after BIOS that the power type cannot be determined and I should reseat the power supply.

This isn't a huge deal as I rarely use the battery and once in a while it does, in fact, charge. The main problem, though, is that the computer now seems to think it has low power so everything is very sluggish. At the very least I would like my computer to run at full speed while I figure out what to do about the non-charging issue.

Any ideas? Is there any more information you need from me? Thanks.


Sorry, Gotta ask. Did you take the battery out and wipe down and clean connections and the put it back it? If not try that. How long have you had it? Might be time for a new battery. They only last about 3 years, (just like the warranty). Other than that you will need to change the power settings in windows. You know how to do that? LOL. On screen anywhere, right click, personalize, bottom right screen saver, adjust power settings in left side panel. Choose high performance then go into advance power settings and check all the plugged in settings to high performance or maximum. This should relieve your slowed down condition. In those settings there is also an option for not reducing power consumption while plugged in, set in lowest setting. Do not change the power settings for battery. It will start giving you cry baby warnings. Hope this helps


Apr 20, 2012
Hi, I'm the same guy as before (tecknowledgist) but I no longer can access the email associated with this account.

Anyway, I have an update to this problem. First, Rand_79 is correct. I have a partially broken power supply. I actually have two different power supplies that look very similar, and one is partially broken, and when I have this plugged in, my computer is very sluggish.

I have a new, but related, question: I have these two AC adapters. They are the same voltage and wattage. One is two-pronged and works fine; the other is 3-pronged and partially broken.

I can see that some of the cable insulation has broken away on the 3-prong adapter, at the point where the wire from the laptop meets the 'brick', or adapter itself. The inner insulated wire appears to be intact but the shielding wires around it are a bit frayed.

The reason I like to use this adapter is that it grounds my laptop. I play guitar into my computer with an audio interface, and with the 2-prong the buzzing is intolerable. With the 3-prong it's barely noticeable.

So here's my question: how easy is it to repair this kind of wire damage? Can I use solder to get a good connection again? Alternatively, is there something I can do to ground my laptop when using a 2-prong adapter? Thanks.


Dec 5, 2014

Thank you thank you thank you ............... Oh Yeh, you solved the problem that kept me busy for a few weeks and saved me $$$$$$