Question Laptop Slow, Windows 10, Few programs, lot of free space?

Mar 22, 2019
Acer Aspire ES 15
Intel Core i3-6006u Intel HD Graphics 520, up to 4158 MB Dynamic Video Memory
8GB DDR4 Memory
1000GB HDD
Hope that helps been a while since ive posted for help maybe 7yrs. (Not the age of the laptop) My laptop keeps taking a long time to load up and then when it does its taking a while to load anything. I have only a few programs installed and nothing that it shouldn't handle very easily, I do stream most of my T.V and films but thats about all.
Any help would be awesome.
Thanks in advance.
Well let's take a look at a few things. On a fresh restart, load the task manager and go to the Performance tab. After a few minutes what does the CPU and RAM use settle at? How many programs load at startup? Try a boot into safe mode (yes, you can get there in Win 10 - hold down Shift while restarting from the start menu to bring up a troubleshooting menu and navigate to "Startup settings." How much better are things in safe mode?