Question Laptop SSD caddy causing slow shutdown

Jan 22, 2021

I've got an Asus ROG GL553VD running Windows 10 and wanted to upgrade to an SSD without wasting the HDD that came with the laptop so I bought an SSD caddy from Amazon to replace the optical drive and put my old HDD in there. I cloned the HDD onto the SSD and am now experiencing boot and load times many times faster than when I was using the HDD which is fantastic.

My only problem is that I am experiencing super slow shutdown times. When I click on shutdown, it shuts down normally and then the screen turns off taking like 10 seconds total, amazing really, but the LED on the power button doesn't turn off until about 6 minutes later. If that was all, it wouldn't be too big a deal for me however if I try to sleep or hibernate the computer it shuts down instead and takes about the same amount of time as I mentioned before.

I've tried adding WaitToKillServiceTimeout, I disabled fast startup, my BIOS and drivers are up to date, and I've tried changing between the different settings on the caddy and haven't been able to resolve this. I'm quite certain the problem has to do with the caddy since it doesn't matter whether the SSD or HDD is in the caddy or in the original port, it still takes around 6 minutes to shut down but only takes about 10 seconds to shut down fully when the caddy is completely disconnected.

Due to current circumstances, it's inconvenient to return to my dorm to get my optical drive so I have no other choice but to keep the caddy plugged in for the next half a year so I was hoping for any suggestions I could try to get this solved.