Question Laptop SSD suddenly not accessible --- "data error (cyclic redundancy check)" ?

Nov 20, 2021
MSI GT80 titan laptop. Turned it on and left the room. Came back, screen was black, would not respond. Closed the laptop hoping it would go into hibernate mode. It did not. I opened it back up, hit the power button, nothing happened. So I held the power button until it powered off. Turned it back on, and realized my secondary hard drive, a 2 tb SSD I store all my games on, was gone/inaccessible. restarted the laptop, no change. It's not listed under "My PC." It is listed under drive management when I click My PC folder and manage, it lists as not initialized, and when I try to initialize it says "data error (cyclic redundancy check)".

I open the Intel Rapid Storage technology program, it says theres an error. Sata_array_0000 volume 1 failed. Unkown disk on controller 255, Port unknown: Missing.

I've read some posts about changing where it lists the error for the drive in the Intel rapid storage app, but I have no option to manage anything with the app as it suggests I should. I should be able to set status to "Normal" but I have no options to change or manage anything! Tried running as admin.

I've read through some troubleshooting, tried system restore, (although it failed due to Norton)

I've read some posts that suggest that it may be something to do with the hibernate/force shut down I did, but no idea how to verify or solve.

I suppose my question is does it seems likely that my SSD has failed and there's no recovery? All I really have on it are....dozens of games. Not the end of the world, but will take me an absurdly long time to redownload even a portion of them with my slow internet, assuming I go buy a new hard drive.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I may try before I go buy a new drive?

On a side note, I just bought and finished downloading AC Valhalla yesterday, played about an hour, was looking forward to playing after work it's looking like I'll have to wait a few more weeks after ordering new drive, installing, days downloading the game, then waiting for a weekend with some free time.

I've been hoping this rig will last long enough til I can afford a decent 4k gaming system, but not looking to spend 3k or more right now a computer.