Question Laptop stops working. Please tell me what is wrong.

Oct 21, 2019
Hi everyone,

I have a Samsung laptop from 2013. It contains an i5 cpu with 4gb ram. It also has a nVidea 710m graphics card. It would be a fairly consumer grade computer back then.

Here’s what I found that could help to solve the mystery:

  • Power supply works (charger and battery is working). The “charging” LED panel lights up.
  • Power On button works (when I press it, the computer has a LED panel that lights up to show computer is on.
  • However the computer does not start up; the screen is always empty but it isn’t a broken monitor we’re dealing with because I haven’t damaged the screen.
  • The most concerning part is that starting up the computer produces no sound at all. Usually there’s a quiet beep and the fans and HDD starts rotating. So if the fans stopped working I’m still expecting the HDD to make some noise. Besides no BIOS no screen output at all.
  • HDD works cause I plugged it into an older model that supports the same model of HDD. Samsung computers are pretty compatible with each other. Likewise, the RAM also works as I have plugged it in and used it in the other laptop.
My current guess is a dead motherboard. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance for any comments. I wanna fix this computer but I don’t have any clue which part is wrong.
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Have you tried unplugging the laptop from the wall socket, disconnecting the battery from the laptop and pressing down on the power button for 30 seconds?

Have you tried removing the stick(s) of ram and using an eraser on the gold contacts of the ram stick?

If you've done them, then it's possible that the board has been afflicted.