Question Laptop stuttering in cut scenes and audio cutting out ?

Dec 5, 2020
Ok, so starting about a week ago my PC started to act really strange. It is a more than capable gaming laptop, MSI GS75 Stealth 8SF. It is able to run games at a buttery 80 or above on almost every game. the only game I have had issues with is RDR2 where on ultra it had some slight drops down in the low 50s from 60 in more populated areas.
But recently, after downloading and trying to play Doom 2016 I have started to have some really really odd issues.

So, like I said starting with doom and now affecting all games, things like secondary audio (such as doors opening, foot steps etc) and music keep cutting out. Like every 5 seconds or so the audio will completely cut out and then just resume and then do it again. My audio drivers are updated to the latest version, I checked through the menu where drivers are manually updated. My Nvidia drivers are on the most recent update, I have tried changing my headset to different frequencies. I have tried hardwiring the headset as well as Bluetooth through the dongle that came with my headset, I have tried playing with the speakers. Nothing has worked. However, there is a much more annoying issue happening alongside this.

In every modern(ish) and the slightly intensive game I play, Cold War, Titan fall 2, alien isolation, squadrons doom, maneater etc. the cut scenes are super choppy. Not just like oh It runs at 30 FPS, no like full-on stuttering. Like not even 1 frame per second most of the time. It will run the cut scene fine for maybe 2 seconds and then just stutter at every frame. This as well as the audio issue makes them unwatchable, which really sucks because I am really into single-player story-based games ad I haven't been able to play them because of this issue. And the weirdest part is that the games run perfectly fine like I will just skip the cut scene and then go back to playing at60 or above FPS with no stuttering. The weird part is while playing older games lie Bioshock everything runs perfectly fine, no stuttering or audio loss.

I realized that for whatever reason my PC has taken to running everything on the integrated GPU instead of the dedicated when on auto, which it didn't used to do. So I manually switched it to run everything on the dedicated GPU, which isn't ideal for obvious reasons. My laptop is plugged in al the time, my settings in dragon center are set for performance all the time with auto fan speed and gaming mode is turned on.

Currently, while running games, as well as for the past several months (when I got the PC from my brother) the temps for the CPU is about 70 C and the GPU is at about 80 C, Which seems like it is thermal throttling however like i mentioned the games run fine its just the cut scenes and audio. Another thing gI should addis that while running games my GPU is running at like 90 to 100%.

My brother said that he never had these issues but that on his previous laptop he encountered audio issues similar to mine but it was not a gaming laptop.
I thought the issue may just be with the external Samsung T5 SSD I am using(connected through thunderbolt), however, 1. I played through the entirety of RDR2 with 0 issues and 2. I connected it to my brother's desktop and had no issue playing games even connected through USB 2.0.

I contacted MSI support and all I got was a list of things I already tried and all they said was to factory reset my computer, which I don't want to do because I don't think it would fix anything.

Lastly, I installed malware bytes as well as ADWcleaner. Both scans came up with the same 3 viruses detected, which were installed onto my computer due to a ROM I downloaded only 20 minutes earlier. I had the software delete it and do whatever it said needed to be done. But I know that this wasn't what caused the issue because I was having problems with the games the day prior. Running the software now as well as the built windows software, it has come up with nothing.

I am at a loss for what is wrong. I have tried everything i can think of or find, searched forums for hours, contacted support, asked for help on reddit. But I cant find anyone with an issue similar to mine, just an issue with one specific game.

I know this is a long post but I have had this issue for a week now and it is driving me insane. With cyberpunk coming out I am sad i am not gonna be able to play it because I know that any cut scene is going to be unwatchable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.