Question Laptop suddenly freezes that is accompanied by a loud noise and won't turn on after

Mar 2, 2019

My laptop suddenly freezes while I'm playing a video game and suddenly it freezes and produce a loud noise, usually I am just turning it off by pressing the power button but then it won't turn on. Yes, it also happened before but I can just reboot it. Basically this is my first time where I am unable to reboot it.
When pressing the power I can feel the fan running but stops, the comptuer led that indicates it is charging also blink once and changes color from blue to orange and then reverts back to blue again.

My laptop is Acer Aspire E-15
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Done unplugging my laptop, removing the battery and hold down the power buttom for 20 seconds, 1 minute to be exact. What do I do next sir?
Repeat the same steps but this time remove the bottom cover of the laptop and remove the CMOS coin battery as well. If this does not help your hard drive may have died. Pull it out and test it if you can, also see if the laptop will boot into the BIOS when the hard drive is removed.