Question Laptop suddenly won't turn on or charge


Nov 9, 2015
I have an ASUS ROG GL702VS G-SYNC Gaming Laptop. It's been working fine for ~3 years until today.

The latest chain of events between the laptop working and breaking goes as follows:
5 Days ago, I plugged in my laptop and turned it on to check something. I never unplugged or shut down my laptop until today. When I approached my laptop, it was completely dead (while still plugged into the wall). My laptop was left on hardened carpet, which I read may cause issues with overheating. Not sure if this is the case since my laptop would have just been on standby mode for the 5 days. After unplugging the laptop, I tried turning it on with just the battery and got nothing. I read that maybe my lithium ion battery may be completely drained.

Troubleshooting I have already tried:
1. Disconnected the laptop battery, held down the power button for 30 seconds, and reconnected the laptop battery.

2. Disconnected the laptop battery, held down the power button for 30 seconds, and plugged in the AC adapter without the battery.

3. Disconnected the laptop battery, disconnected the CMOS battery for 5 minutes, reattached the CMOS battery, and reconnected laptop battery.

None of these methods work. No LED indicators function on my laptop as well. Even if I plug in my AC adapter, the power light or charging light do not come on on my laptop. The green light on the charger itself is illuminated. The bottom of the laptop actually warms up when plugged in, but nothing happens. I ordered a multimeter to test the AC adapter before attempting my next step. If it fails, I'll buy a new charger. Otherwise, I may drop the laptop off at Geek Squad if there is nothing else I can do from my end.

Any advice?
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