Laptop Suggestions for Work

Apr 18, 2019
I'm experienced in PC building since I built my own computer but I need a laptop for work and I don't know much about laptop builds or brands. My current one holds 4GB RAM, Intel Pentium 2117U, 64-bit but I am looking for one that runs faster. Programs I'll be likely to use regularly are MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel (all that stuff basically..).

I teach English online so microphones and webcams would be essential. My budget is $600. I live in the USA too so ideally I'd rather not have to ship from abroad.

I'm also hoping the laptop can run some lower-end games such as Sims 2 etc, although it isn't essential, just preferred.

Any suggestions? Many thanks!
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Laptop/desktop essentially same, and for your purpose, office work, buy whatever float your boat.

Stuff that takes lots of horsepower (hence heat and bulk with large heatsink, fans) are first-person gaming and video editing. U not doing any of that, don't worry about it.

Am not salesman and am not in the market for one so no recommendation, but my personal priority for laptop are Thin, Light, long batt life, quiet. A metal casing for long wear would be nice.