Question Laptop switching to integrated graphics card when connected to a monitor

Mar 23, 2019
My laptop's screen is kind of broken (still usable, but not pretty), so I decided to connect it to a monitor. Unfortunately, now it seems that my laptop only uses the integrated Intel HD Graphics card instead of the Nvidia card which is also in the laptop. This becomes a problem when I'm playing games due to a very noticeable FPS drop. Interestingly, if I keep my laptop open so that the image is displayed on both screens the Nvidia card starts working again, but when I close the laptop it goes back to the Intel card. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the monitor has a higher resolution (1920x1080) than the laptop (1366x768), but lowering it did not seem to fix this problem. Also, it is impossible to open the Nvidia Control Panel when using the monitor. My operating system is Windows 7. How can I play games with the Nvidia card when using the monitor and keeping the laptop closed? And is it possible to do it in 1080p? I'm really bad with computers so I'll be grateful for any advice you can give me :)
Which laptop do you have?

The FPS drop might be caused by the resolution bump and the fact that the laptop is working with two monitors.
Set the laptop to only use the external monitor.

If you have upgraded your drivers and that's when the issue started then go back to previous version.

If you upgrade drivers, upgrade the Intel iGPU drivers first then the Nvidia.

While the external monitor is connected, set the Nvidia GPU as preferred in the Nvidia Control Panel.