Question Laptop takes some time to power on the screen and start turning on (boots quickly after that) ?


Aug 28, 2017
My laptop used to turn on immediately after pressing the power button, with screen turning on and showing a quick bios screen, then the manufacturers logo, and finally booting into my operating system after that.

A week or two ago, I (tried to) turn it off, and left the room. When I came back, I realized that it was still on, unexpectedly hot, and just stuck on a black screen. It might just have been a bug (I use Manjaro and it's really buggy), but ever since that time, it took 20ish seconds from when I press the power button until the screen turned on, the bios screen showed, and the booting process proceeded. The power button lights up, and fans start spinning, but the screen doesn't turn on and the booting process doesn't begin. It's not just the screen turning on late, it's the entire laptop starting to boot after a delay.

After that initial delay, everything works well. It's not really causing me much trouble now, but I'm not sure why my laptop started doing this, and if it's going to cause a problem in the future.

Did any of you have a similar problem, or have any ideas about what the cause may be?

Thanks in advance!



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