Question Laptop thermal throttling even after repasting and undervolting


Jul 2, 2019
So some info about the whole ordeal first, Recently I repasted my Asus Zephyrus M GU502GU about 3 weeks ago with Cooler Master master gel maker and undervolted it. I ran cinbench r20 to verify if the repasting improved the temps and I got max temps of around 80 degrees celsius on the CPU which was an improvement of about 4-5 degrees. Idle temps were at around 40 degrees and not affected at all. I also played games and saw a 9-10 degrees temp reduction on the GPU side. So overall I was happy with my first ever thermal paste job but since the last 2-3 days I have been seeing negative impacts on the CPU temps. The idle temps are unaffected and the GPU temps remain the same while gaming but while running Cinebench r20 now the CPU reaches a max of 92 degrees and starts thermal throttling. I have read that high idle temps and high core differentials are some signs of a bad thermal paste job but I have none of those issues so what might be the problem here?


Are you using HWmonitor to monitor temps? As for your undervolting, mind sharing how you undervolted your processor? Which BIOS version are you currently on for your laptop? As for the thermal paste, you should've gotten something higher in quality like the one made by Thermal Grizzly or Arctic. Yes the CoolerMaster thermal paste is a step above the factory applied thermal paste but it's not the best thermal paste out there.

On a side note, you did repaste the cooling solution but did you inspect it for any dirt/dust/debris build up?