Question Laptop to DESKTOP Conversion - Won't Start


Aug 26, 2019
So, I saw a lot of videos about converting laptops into low power desktops, and got excited and bought some parts to play with.

I got this cheap motherboard for the Sony Vaio Fit 14 (SVF14A1-), got the cooler, power socket, an ssd and put it all together.

The charger plugged in, it switches on (I found a simple gold push switch which was on the mainboard). The fan spins up once, and nothing happens. No lights or beeps. I have got the monitor plugged in via a VGA-HDMI converter (and this works on my other setup). I get nothing.

The videos I watched made no mention of this type of problem. I assumed that things which just work if you had each part as in a desktop.

Ah, there is something important I should mention. I dropped the motherboard on the carpet (it slipped out of the bag, and off my desk..) and now I have no way of knowing if that is the problem or if there would still be another issue. I can obtain another board if necessary.

Anyway, it came to my attention that laptops don't automatically switch to the external monitor from startup unless you hit the right button, but I am not sure. Can someone clarify? Is it possible that the laptop won't start at all without the official monitor?