Question Laptop turns off after 2-3 min without any temp change

Apr 21, 2020
So i have EON-17 SLX laptop that i have been using for the past 5 years or so .My laptop has 0 battery capacity so i have been running it directly through my adapter for the past 2years now.

2 weeks earlier my laptop just shuts off on its own , and now everytime i press the power button the light blinks for a sec and turns off.At the same time my adapter also looses power .If i just unplug and plug it everything comes back to the initial stage as where the charger and adapter indicators are on ,on the laptop and adapter also has power.But again the same cycle happens if i press the power button.

Solutions tried:

1.adapter is working properly checked the output.Also checked for the all those initial standard solutions like removing the battery,holding the power button for 20sec and all.

2.Then i tired removing components one by one to check if any of the components was causing short circuit on the board. And the problem was in gpu or gpu socket unclear.

3. so i have to 2 gpu slots and i was running 2 gtx980m with sli.
* if i plug both gpu the earlier problem
occurs i.e it blinks and shuts off my
laptop along with my adapter also
looses power.
* if i plug it in one of the socket say slot
A(either of the cards) laptop starts fine
all the way to the desktop screen and
then shuts off on its own after 2-3 min.
* If i put the card in the other slot say Slot
B(either of the cards) the laptop starts
but display doesn't come and the lights
just keep blinking.

So right now like i am pretty confused to as what the problem is, i cant take it anywhere as due to lockdown and all, cant buy a new one also.So i have to fix it on my own .
So if any one can help in any way i will really appreciate it.

Thank you
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