Question Laptop turns on, after shutdown it does not boot

Aug 7, 2020
I am working on an ACER laptop that once it is turned on, after shutdown it does not boot.

Firstly, if I remove the battery and put it back, the laptop turns on successfully. After shutting down the laptop, it does not get any energy inside at all. No lights and no fans turn on.

Every single piece of the laptop was verified, RAM, motherboard, graphic card, battery, power cable, including all the pins.

If the battery is removed and the laptop is powered only from the cable, it happens the same. But again, all the pins and circuits were verified and they seem to be okay for sharing the energy between the components.

I was wondering what could it be and if Windows 10 could have something to do with it.

If you got any tips, please share! Thank you very much!


The OS can't prevent the laptop from powering up. I'm suspecting that the contact on the power button might have an issue as they might warm up or the wiring in them might be loose. The fact that you can't power it up the second time, might indicate a faulty power delivery module on the laptop's motherbaord itself.

Ofc, I could be proven wrong if you had another drive with an OS on it(that isn't Windows 10, provided the laptop supports another OS) then perhaps the OS is the factor in the reboot issue.