Question Laptop turns on for a few seconds then turns off ?


Apr 14, 2013
Hi All,

I'm having a bit of a problem with a laptop which refuses to turn on.

It worked fine one day and then my housemate borrowed it apparently used it fine and turned it off at the end of his work without issue. The next time I tried to turn it on it won't stay on - not pointing fingers or blaming anyone just yet.

Initially, I thought it was the battery. When connecting the AC adapter, the light indicates that it is charging but when I try to turn it on nothing happens (via power key integrated into the keyboard)

My first instinct was to remove the battery and see what happens, which I did. However using the power button does nothing, the laptop only responds to being connected the screen flashes for a second, the fans and hard drive spin but only for a second.

I proceeded to disconnect everything ( cables, ram, HDD) one by one until only the motherboard and keyboard stay connected.

Mind you when I disconnect the keyboard the laptop does not even try to turn on.

To summarise: The laptop does not turn on via the power button, only does when connected with ac while the battery is out but for 2 seconds before shutting down entirely - same behaviour with all components out except for the keyboard without which there is no sign of life whatsoever.