Question Laptop under £1000 with 1060 and very good cooling


Jan 29, 2015

I am looking to buy a new laptop. I am looking to spend £600-£800 I will be using this laptop for all sorts. I am a bit of a gamer so i would like to get one with a decent graphics card possibility of upgrading at a later date. The screen has to been at least 1080p. I wont be taking it outside so battery life is not really an issue but cooling is. The one reason i have never wanted a laptop is if i am playing the games i play on my desktop it would overheat so much that it would burn your lap if it was on there. I understand that because it is a laptop cooling is an issue and if i am playing a game for 4 hours its gonna get hot, that is why i would like one with a very good cooling system to avoid this. I hate the keys on laptops and would like a good sturdy keyboard.

Good screen
Good graphics card (i dont know laptop gpu) gtx 960 or better.
Good cooling system
Good keyboard

Battery life isnt up there.

I look forward to any suggestions



Oct 31, 2013
Well since the gtx 960 is a ddr5 with 2gb then anything higher should be sufficient.

However in the 800 dollar range you should be able to accomplish the 1050 TI. Which is a 4gb DDR5, some of the laptops are

Dell g3 15 3579
Has your GPU you need plus some.

Has both a HDD (1TB) and a SSD (128GB).

Keyboard (imo) looks cool and have not seen any negativity with the keyboard in reviews.

8GB of ram which should suffice, but is upgradeable to 32GB

cooling can be iffy, which is common with gaming laptops.

The screen can also be less than stellar as far as brightness and colors seem to be less vibrant.

HP Pavilion 15 (specifically the cx0020nr)

This laptop shares a lot of similarities to the above however it does not have a built in SSD

Though one positive is the "optane" memory.

Optane memory.
1050 TI
Decent screen
8gb ram installed (is upgradeable to 32GB I believe)

About $100 USD more expensive than the above listed laptop


May 24, 2014
Hiya Mate,

Feels good to be back on this Forum.

Try this laptop:-
Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51-78NP 15.6-Inch

gtx 1060
16 ram ( dual channel )
108p at 144hz

you can't do better than this for the price range.

While the cooling system for this machine is good, Acer does use some cheap thermal paste ( more like a toothbrush but whatever ) so a recommend a repaste right from the get-go. once you get that out of the way, this machine will be a keeper.

my friend picked this up for a bargain of a price and I did my number on it - ( Fujipoly xtreme thermal pads and thermal grizzly kryonaut )

what this did for the machine was:- BF5 ( i did use the stock fan curve for both results ) room temp 28c

CPU stock ran 96c @ 3.0Ghz ( no undevolting )
GPU stock was chilling at about 87c @ 1633mhz ( did not mess with the voltage curve )

after this "service"

CPU sat at 3.5-3.6Ghz @ 75c ( no undervolt )
GPU sat at 74c @ 1683Mhz ( did not mess with the voltage curve here either )

Then I tuned the CPU using throttle stop and the GPU with MSI afterburner

with a -0.125mv undervolt, CPU temps dropped slightly to 73c BUT the clock speed was rock solid at 3.9Ghz
I set the voltage curve flat on MSI afterburner to 0.800mv @ 1921Mhz. In-game, this meant the chip was sitting at 1821Mhz Stable. GPU dropped a bit more to 72c.

now I'm not saying you need to use to get these results even tho they do make a slight difference, this was simply what I had on hand at the time.

You can use the stock pads that come on the cooler and pastes like Arctic Silver 5 or MX-4 will perfectly suffice for this.

the undervolting is not necessary in terms of temps but they do aid in performance. some might say the gain is negligible in day to day tasks but who does not like a free boost in performance? ( even though it might be little )

( overboost A.K.A max fan) with the software is about 6000rpm or 65db but as you can see there is no need for this aggressive setting )
the laptop out of the box, fans were pegged at 5000rpm trying to cool the laptop down but after I did my number on it, the fans mostly sat at about 3900rpm. Using my db Meter, at 5000 rpm and 2 meters away from the table which the laptop was set on, the meter read 56db. at 3900rpm, the meter read 42db. which I reckon is a substantial gain in acoustics.

all said and done, this is a solid machine with great cooling- even if you take the software tweaks away.

Any questions? Lemme know!