Laptop uses built in mic over external




I cant seem to get my external mic to work, but instead it uses the built in one on my laptop instead. I have updated all drivers for my realtek mic and that. Also i have made sure that mute is unchecked and that the volume and mic boost are both set to max, but the laptop still only uses the built in mic.

Also when i unplug or plug my external into the jacks at the front of my laptop it detects something but al the way in and nothing...

It seems like the built in mic is behind my jacks at the front since thats when the sound is loudest when i click my fingers. I can speak to freinds on skype etc but my built in mic distorts stuff and he said he can here a background noise like a washing machine is on.

Ive come to 2 conclusions, the first is that my external mic is broken and therefore when plugged in to the jack at the front it doesnt work, or another is that my computer is prioritising the built in one over the external one.

I have searched all over the internet for ages and no body seems to have the same problem, but if someone has had the same problem or knows how to fix it, i will much appriciate it.



Try another mic or try your mic in another computer. Or plug in your mic, Go to control Panel /Sound- audio devices (Im not sure exactly how its worded). Click on the recording tab and select your mic as the default recording device.