[SOLVED] Laptop utilizing 100% of my disk all the time, any reasons behind this? (Possible Trojan...)


Jun 27, 2021
Hey guys, I've recently noticed that one of my friend's computer is having some sort of issue... It has to do with her disk space constantly utilizing 100% for some strange reason. I've been going over all of the running processes on Task Manager and I noticed that her laptop is using 100% of it's disk space. Upon further investigation, there's a application called "ColorMania" which eats up all of the disk usage on her laptop which ultimately hinders the overall performance. I have done some research online regarding this issue and it seems to be a Trojan virus that infected her computer.

I have asked her to run the anti-virus software, but her anti-virus wasn't able to pick up the virus. Only when I asked her to install Malware Bytes was when the anti-virus was able to detect it but not Colormania. I don't know what's going on with her laptop but I have a high suspicion that there is a virus that's infecting her computer.

Down below, I've attached an image of her task manager for you guys to look at. I wasn't able to pick up the Colormania process as it randomly shows up out of nowhere.

I forgot to mention that she torrents stuff online which is probably the reason why she got the virus in the first place. (This is why you never torrent stuff online gents!) But anyway, if anyone has any idea on what is going on with her computer please tell me! She could barely game nor work with this virus infecting her computer!




First thing to get rid of, is that Norton list of app's. You're better off with Windows Defender(that comes bundled with your OS). Secondly, what OS version are you currently on? You might want to see what your usages are when the OS has just booted to GUI and is left idle. If the HDD's usage goes to 100%, then it's likely she has an OS corruption/memory leak or that she willingly let malware come onboard her laptop.

If Colormania is the culprit, it's an app, you can uninstall it from the drive. Speaking of drive, does the laptop have just an HDD or does it also have an SSD?

I forgot to mention that she torrents stuff online which is probably the reason why she got the virus in the first place.
Yeah, don't do that, unless you know what you're doing and you know what to look for!

Make and model of your friend's laptop?